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1.3.4 Core Case Management: Transfers between Childcare Teams



This chapter was updated in July 2018 when MASH replaced Children First and clarification about links with Aspire have been added.


  1. Objective
  2. Key Points
  3. Standards
  4. Process
  5. Transfer to Early Family Support Service
  6. Closure / Step Down from Teams other than Children FIRST
  7. Transfer to Another Authority

1. Objective

To ensure the transfer of work between teams is carried out effectively and minimises disruption to the child and their family.

2. Key Points

Click here to view the Key Points table.

3. Standards

Standards Cross-Referencing
1 Service users, their parents and carers must be told the rationale for the case transfer and kept fully informed of the transfer process itself. Assessment and transfer letter
2 All internal partners and outside agencies involved in the case must be told the rationale for the case transfer and kept fully informed of the transfer process itself. Plan and transfer letter
3 All agencies and family must be notified in writing of the date of transfer and contact details of the receiving team. Letters scanned in to RAISE
4 Negotiate joint working between the teams as appropriate to facilitate a seamless transfer. A child focussed joint working plan and agreement should be in place and the family, children and young people should be fully updated and informed.  

4. Process

Escalation from Early Help Arrangements

Referrals to MASH or requests for consult offer, joint visits and advice. Completion of interagency referral form and CAF, except those referrals for immediate Significant Harm (Section 47) where a CAF is not already in place; and as per EHA Continuum of need and support cases which have been worked at universal + or below may not have a CAF, however there may be some other form of assessment (i.e. Family Star, SEN) which should accompany the IAR.

It is expected that ALL other referrals will be accompanied by a completed and up to date CAF, including TAC review notes recording outcomes of Interventions; Because it is expected that in an effort to prevent the child’s/families’ needs rising to such a high level, multi-agency planning and intervention will have already taken place prior to CSC referral (via a CAF at Plus Partnership level); and, therefore an active CAF will be in place, planned Interventions taken place, but outcomes not improved and therefore a higher level of assessment and Intervention is needed.

MASH identify level of need/need for statutory intervention and transfer to the relevant team within 48 hours following case discussion between Team Manager / Practice Managers.

Young Person 13 Plus and Homeless Young People

MASH gather information and establish level of need against the threshold criteria – transfer to Assessment Team within 48 hours following case discussion between Team Manager / Practice Managers.

Child Health and Disability Team - Child with Disability

MASH gather information and input the disability/ health data on RAISE– including evidence that there is a SEN Statement and Confirmation from health (diagnosis and date). Transfer to Child Health and Disability Team within 48 hours for assessment following case discussion between Team Manager / Practice Managers.

Private Fostering Notification

MASH gather information for part 1 of the notification of private fostering arrangement and transfer straight to Private Fostering Team within 24 hours.

Transfer in CP Conference (from other LA)

Information to MASH to check Documents / risks & permanent accommodation and Refer to CIN/CP Teams. Child Health and Disability Team (due to assessment already being complete). MASH will discuss with Team Manager / Practice Managers prior to transfer on RAISE.

Private Legal Proceedings (Section 7 or 37)

MASH transfers to PLO/Court team within 48 hours following discussion with the relevant Team Manager or Practice Managers. This by-passes the Assessment Team due to court timescales. CAFCASS protocol must be adhered to and challenged if case not open to Social Care.

Pregnant Mothers with History of Concern

MASH collate information/ history and transfer to Assessment Team/PLO/Court Team within 48 hours following discussion with the relevant Team Manager / Practice Managers.

Request for Adoption Support Only

MASH collate information and transfer to Aspire Adoption Team within 48 hours following discussion with the relevant Team Manager / Practice Managers.

Transfer from LAC Team in the Case of Rehabilitation Home

Early Alert Sheet to be used. In this case the transferring team will hold the case for 4 weeks following the rehabilitation home to family to ensure progress is being made, then the case will transfer at the point of the first Child In Need Review.


Within 3 months of closure MASH transfer straight to previous team following discussion with manager or Practice Manager. Over 3 months since closure same process applies as all other referrals.

Assessment Team

Multi-agency Assessment within 45 working days except for CP cases when MAA is completed prior to ICPC.

  • Producing a time scaled plan for sustainable improvement.

Team keeps until:

  • Initial Child Protection Conference (unless care proceedings have been initiated and court date awaited);
  • Assessment identifies clear longer term plan after 45 working days;
  • CIN review identifies a step-down plan;
  • PLO threshold;
Viability Assessments
Where Assessment team identify the need for ongoing social care work they will transfer to relevant team:
Private Fostering CIN/CP Teams PLO/Court Team LAC Child Health and Disability Team

5. Transfer to Early Family Support Service

  • If a CIN case is stepping down to Early Help the line manager from the outgoing team will ensure the NIF is completed and the case is discussed at the transfer meeting;
  • The exception to this is MASH transfers who need to be completed daily and will be agreed following discussion;
  • As part of the normal process, social care workers will involve and inform Universal Service partners who are engaged with the family by including them in the CIN reviews;
  • The final CIN review will confirm satisfactory outcomes have been achieved and the families’ circumstances have fallen below CSC thresholds;
  • This meeting will also identify, from amongst its participants, the continuing need for ‘step down’ support, at what level, desired outcomes and possible interventions;
  • If at Plus Partnership Level, the most appropriate Lead Professional will be appointed and, with consent, relevant current assessments passed over to inform CAF and multi-agency intervention plan (a ‘Wrap Around CAF’ may be possible at this point.);
  • If it is agreed that work needs to continue at Universal/Universal Plus level, the appropriate interventions for agencies to action will be identified;
  • Transferring Team will ensure details are on Raise re: action taken.

6. Closure / Step Down from Teams other than MASH

  • If further support is required Teams to use the NIF form and transfer meetings to agree transfer;
  • Closure CIN Review will make the decision who will be the lead professional - minutes to be recorded and sent out;
  • If no other intervention is required from services and parents, children and Young People are in agreement letters need to go out to all involved agencies and family;
  • Chronology and case records to be updated;
  • The Manager/Practice Manager of the case will ensure that the work is completed on RAISE to facilitate closure within 10 working days of management decision.

7. Transfer to Another Authority

  • All relevant records and assessments / chronology to be updated;
  • Team Manager / Practice Manager to contact manager in other authority to discuss transfer request. If CP transfer in conference to be requested;
  • Referral to be sent in writing with relevant documents. Request confirmation of receipt and recorded on Raise;
  • Letters to go out to partners and family to confirm action taken.